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What We Do

TTS provides the transit industry with solutions that support operator training and training department staffing for bus, rail, and mobility. Whether your agency requires increased efficiency resulting in savings; or improved effectiveness resulting in lower rates of preventable incidents, TTS can help.




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Products and Services


TTS offers three levels of Assessments aimed at improving your agency’s training outcomes: (1) A Technology Integration Assessment aimed at ensuring equipment and training tools purchased from TTS are configured to fit seamlessly into your curriculum; (2) A Technology Integration Assessment plus a Training Department Review that provides recommendations with respect to your training material and how the training is delivered; and (3) A Value Chain Assessment that includes the Technology Integration Assessment, a Training Department Review, and a review of the operator training department as integrated into the value chain.

Training MAterial and Technologies

TTS offers a variety of operator training material and technologies including complete Curriculums and Course Schedules; Classroom-led Training Material for bus and rail new operator training, annual refresher training, corrective action training, and supervisor/route familiarization operator/rail in-line instructor training ; An Electronic Daily Information Tracking Sheet (EDITS) used by trainers to record and report student performance information while training behind-the-wheel or in the rail cab; A CDL Pre-trip Training and Testing Preparation tool; and Bus, Rail, and Mobility Operator Simulators

Training Services

TTS offers Training Seminars to educate your staff about the characteristics of an effective operator training program; Training Management Coaching to support new directors and managers of operator training to help ensure they are effective in their roles; A Train-the-trainer Course to ensure your trainers are training in a consistent manner from class to class and from trainer to trainer, and using the same objective measures to evaluate trainee performance; and Training Services where TTS provides a certified training staff with a TTS-administered quality assurance program to provide your agency with a turn-key operator training solution.