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In order to improve operator training outcomes your agency should clearly understand what specific areas need improvement; what goals you have with respect to your efforts; and how those goals ought to be measured. In order to support this effort, TTS offers three levels of Assessments:

Value Chain Assessment: This is our most comprehensive assessment and includes the Training Department Review and the Technology Integration Assessment. In addition to these, we also will take a broad look at your agency with respect to how operator training is aligned in the value chain. We will review how other support activites such as human resources and safety work to cooperatively support the ultimate goal of providing safe, enjoyable, and timely transportation services.

Training Department Review: TTS will assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your training department. This includes a review of the size and composition of your training staff, and the cost per trainee placed into revenue service; a review of your course lengths and day-to-day instruction; a review of all training manuals and instructor-led training materials; and observations of behind-the-wheel and in-cab instruction to determine the level of training consistency and objective-driven instruction.

Technology Integration Assessment: If you are purchasing technologies from TTS, we will determine how these technologies should be configured to most effectively impact training outcomes, and where the technologies should be inserted into your training programs. We will also provide a review of available technologies not manufactured by TTS that should be considered to address your main concerns.

Simulators and Technology

TTS does not provide cookie-cutter technologies in search of a problem; instead we configure our technology solutions to fit the specific needs of your agency. Examples of your products include:

Rail, Bus, and Mobility Operator Simulators: These systems are configured to deliver scenario-based training that addresses the specific needs of your agency.

Electronic Daily Information Tasking Sheet (EDIT): EDITS supports in-cab and behind-the-wheel training. Instructors use a hand-held device to evaluate trainee performance against standardized, daily learning objectives and make notes that reflect a trainee’s performance. These records are available for upload onto your agency’s servers (e.g., to your LMS, e-mailed to stakeholders, uploaded to other servers, etc.).

CDL Pre-trip Training and Testing Preparation: A software application for PC’s, tablets, and hand-held devices that graphically shows the pre-trip inspection process allowing trainees to interactively train for, and practice pre-trip inspections.

Instructor-led Courseware: Modern day instructor-led rail and bus operator courseware with numerous illustrations, animations, and graphics to enhance classroom learning.

Training Services

TTS provides training services including:

One day seminars for training professionals: This dynamic presentation explains our Seven Key Ingredients needed for effective operator training; and provides an explanation of industry best practices associated with rail and bus operator training.

Train-the-trainer Course: This course provides specific training for your operator training staff. This course focusses on providing a progressive and objective list of training objectives introduced to trainees in a predictable and repeatable manner; providing consistent training from trainer to trainer, class to class, and year over year; creating and maintaining training records.

Training Department Staffing: TTS will provide a certified and actively managed training staff to your agency. Along with our staff we will also provide our training materials and tools (customized and approved by your agency), and keep these materials updated at no cost to your agency.