Transit Training Solutions
Transit Training Solutions

How We Work


We’re unsure where to start, can TTS help?

TTS will assess your operation and provide guidance on areas for improved performance and effective cost management.  You determine the level of our involvement during the assessment and any following stages.

Does TTS only offer consulting?

Our services extend well beyond consulting.  We believe that reaching optimum performance in any organization requires effective collaboration.  We believe in working side-by-side with our customers not only during training program enhancement but also during subsequent execution and sustainment.

Does TTS provide Train-the-Trainer services?

TTS provides Train-the-Trainer instruction by industry leaders with extensive transit training experience.  We can help you assimilate new trainers and help ensure standardization among all of your trainers.

Does TTS have experience with driving simulators?

Our principals have nearly 100 years of combined experience in simulation and training.  Two of the original pioneers in transit simulation from 1999 have been reunited at TTS, Rick Snyder from the private sector (FAAC) and Louie Maiello from the public sector (NYCT).  The end result of their work together in 1999 culminated in the unveiling of the transit industry’s first computer graphics-based bus simulator.  In hindsight, the only pieces missing were not technology related, but concern the lack of an integrated curriculum and consistent, effective deployment during bus operator training.  With the addition of Allen Morgan (TriMet) to our team, we have brilliantly filled that void.

Can TTS help us get more out of our current simulator and training?

Our team is uniquely qualified to deliver results in this area.  TTS expert trainers have been successful using driving simulators as part of their transit operator training programs for decades.  Let us show you how we can help.

Can TTS help make our curriculum more standardized and engaging?

Our subject matter experts have reviewed transit training programs across the country and have incorporated best practices into our standardized offerings.  TTS will tailor these offerings to your organization.  We can also update your curriculum with modern day content and interactivity resulting in state-of-the-art, interactive content designed to engage students through each module, resulting in improved retention.

Can TTS help us develop supplemental training programs?

In addition to assistance with new bus operator training programs, TTS can also help organizations institute or optimize training programs for refresher, remedial and transitional needs.  We will provide a complete curriculum, with state-of-the-art content in a series of courses.

Can TTS help us reduce our training costs, while improving our training outcomes?

The key to this achievement is full embracement of our ABCs™ approach where we become your trustworthy training partner.  We will Assess your training program, Build and optimize any necessary components, help you Conduct your training of operators, and help you Sustain a cost effective training program.  Our work doesn’t stop with delivery of a piece of hardware – we work with you continuously and tirelessly to help your achieve great outcomes.

Are TTS solutions affordable?

No transit authority is too big or too small to benefit from our expertise.  TTS understands the need for scalable solutions.  We have solutions for every budget, be it products, services or combination of both.

How will we know if TTS products or services are helping?

Ideally, no organization should undertake change without knowing where it is starting from, where it wants to go, and identifying metrics to measure the impact of changes (i.e., return on investment – ROI).  TTS is results-driven and we will help you identify metrics based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and help you track success of our tailored solutions.  Ask us about our performance guarantee.